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El Dorado Express

El Dorado Express is a program that provides alternative transportation for senior adults who are 60 years of age and older in the El Dorado area. Elders enjoy their independence, and driving their own car is a large part of this freedom. However, at some point, a decision has to be made to "hang up the keys", whether it is because of illness, sight problems, slower reflexes, or other situations. That is when El Dorado Express can step in to help maintain that desired independence. In addition, although elders may be able to provide their own transportation locally, they may be reluctant to drive long distances to medical appointments in larger cities.

El Dorado Express will transport you to doctor appointments, the airport, or for personal shopping. El Dorado Express will also provide transportation for those 40 to 59 years of age for a nominal fee.

Checks are accepted. Please make payable to: El Dorado Express

Total Mileage Cost
1 - 20 Miles $7.00
21 - 40 Miles $14.00
41 - 60 Miles $21.00
61 - 80 Miles $28.00
*Out of town $60.00
(Rates Subject to Change)

*Trips out of town are a maximum of 250 miles round trip. (Little Rock, Hot Springs, Shreveport).

Please call 870-864-7082 to make your reservation.
Twenty-four (24)hour advance notice is required for local;
forty-eight (48) hour notice for out of town.

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