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Volunteer Opportunities

There are always plenty of opportunities to volunteer in El Dorado and South Arkansas. Here are just a few:

Literacy Council

Empower and open new doors for an adult by helping them learn to read and reach their goal of a GED, a better job, or just learn to read better. Call 870-864-7081 to get started in Union Co, or call 870-901-6028 for Columbia Co. Tutor training will be available. Social distancing and facemasks are required. There will be cough screens set up between you and the students.

Salvation Army

The Salvation Army is in need of volunteers to help in distributing food and also in the thrift store. To get started call 870-863-4830. Remember you will need to bring your photo ID. Social distancing and facemasks are required.

Book Buddies

Because of the COVID-19 Pandemic, local elementary schools aren't using Book Buddies volunteers. When the pandemic is over, call 870.864.7084 to find out how you can help a child learn to read better.

Food Pantries

With the COVID-19 Pandemic local food pantries are in extreme need of someone to distribute food: Salvation Army, Liberty Ministries, Interfaith Help, and other local pantries. Call 864-7084 to volunteer.Social distancing and facemasks are required.

Red Cross Disaster volunteers are needed

Go to to find something in your area that needs volunteers. You might: Collect non-perishable food items for disaster victims Help clean up after a natural disaster Man a call center after a natural disaster and much much more.

Handcrafted Items for Community Needs

COVID-19 Pandemic has our creative volunteers thinking outside of the box. With the urgent need of facemasks, they have made a total of 3,895 facemasks for the year 2020. Use scraps of fabric and thin elastic. You can look online and get many different facemask patterns. Knitting for Noggins is still on going. Knit, crochet, or sew a hat for a child and bring it by El Dorado Connections and we will make sure it gets to Children's Hospital in Little Rock or some deserving child in Union, Columbia or Ouachita County. Handmade quilts are still needed for fire victims and our Quilts of Valor for our Military. Adult bibs can be made for nursing home residents. Christmas stockings can be made and distributed to needy children. The skies the limit on what you can do and what is needed.

Hope Landing

Hope Landing-where hope becomes a reality. Make a difference in a child's life by spending time volunteering at Hope Landing. Call-870-862-0500 for more information on how you can help. Social distancing and facemasks are required

Not A Volunteer Yet?

Let us help you find a cause you're passionate about. It's easy and completely free. Call 870.864.7084 to see how you can make a difference in your community.

VITA Tax Volunteer

Since COVID-19 this year we will be a drop-off site for taxes. Help your community in preparing taxes free of charge for low income families in our area. You will receive training. Call Dara at 864-7083 for more information.

Interfaith Help Services

Volunteers needed to help in Food Pantry, M-Th 10-12(noon) or 1-3. Training will be available. Call Gina Mitchell 870.866.3294 for more information. Social distancing and facemasks required

CareNet/Senior Independent Living

With the COVID-19 Pandemic, use great caution when you pick up a senior adult. A great opportunity for you is to help an elderly neighbor/friend go to the grocery store or get to their doctors appointments. A simple act of kindness creates and endless ripple. Social distancing and facemasks are required.

Area Nursing Homes

Local nursing homes are locked down because of the COVID pandemic. You can still send cards to shut-in residents or call the nursing homes and find out if there is anything specific that the residents would like to have or need.

Project South Serving Our Units At Home

A partnership w/local community, military and their families. You can help with Family Deployment Weekends, support groups, deployment care packs. You might: Help refurbish a home for a wounded Veteran Help with Veteran Holiday food drive Help with local events: Fourth of July Celebration Veterans Walk Event-Veterans Day Veterans Reading Program at Barton Library Veterans Valentines Day

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