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Literacy Council of Union County

Literacy Council of Union County

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Arkansas Literacy Council

Arkansas Literacy Council


The mission of the Literacy Council is to provide free instruction, through trained volunteer tutors, for citizens in Union County who lack the skills of basic reading, writing, and mathematics, computer technology, and English as a second language.


The Literacy Council of Union County was formed initially in 1986 to improve the lives of individuals who need assistance with basic skills for reading and to improve their comprehension of the written word.  Due to a lack of funding in 2009, the Council was dissolved. 

It was re-established in 2010 through a partnership between South Arkansas Community College and El Dorado Connections / Tri-County RSVP. In 2013, the Literacy Council was reassigned to the governance of the South Arkansas Regional Health Center Board and is managed by the staff of El Dorado Connections. The Literacy Council is also a site for GED preparation classes led by the Community College twice a week.


The American Fact Finder of the U.S. Census 2010 states that in Union County:

  • 26% of the adults over the age of 18 years do not have a high school diploma
  • 6% of those adults have an education below the ninth grade.
  • 42% of literacy students are between the ages of 25 and 44.

The goal of the Literacy Council is to reach as many of these individuals as possible, and in turn impact not only them but also their families.  Arkansans of all ages and backgrounds need help with literacy.


Volunteer tutors are given one-on-one instruction as well as encouraged to participate in Pro-Literacy web-based training, which is self-paced. 


Call 864-7081 to volunteer or for more information!

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Arkansas Literacy Council Visit the Adult Learning Alliance website.

united way union county The Literacy Council is a Union County United Way Agency.