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Senior Corps/RSVP is a nationwide volunteer program

which invites adults age 55 and over to use their life experience and skills to answer the call of their neighbors in need. Today's adults are busy, productive people. After retirement, many RSVP volunteers in El Dorado, Magnolia and Camden use their experience to keep active in ways that make a difference in Union County, Columbia County, Ouachita County and across South Arkansas. Read more about RSVP and Senior Corps

Volunteering is great for El Dorado and South Arkansas

no matter your age.  Your help makes the community a better place, and could actually have an impact on you! Volunteer opportunities can always be found and you can devote as much or as little time as you have to offer. El Dorado Connections can be a bridge for you to find a rewarding area to volunteer. Read more about volunteering in El Dorado, Magnolia, Camden and across South Arkansas.
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Opportunities to Serve

  • Interfaith Help Services
    Volunteers needed to help in Food Pantry, M-Th 10-12(noon) or 1-3. Training will be available. Call Gina Mitchell 870.866.3294 for more information. Social distancing and facemasks required
  • Project South Serving Our Units At Home
    A partnership w/local community, military and their families. You can help our military and their families in many ways. Call 870.864.7084 for more information.
  • Area Nursing Homes
    Local nursing homes are locked down because of the COVID pandemic. You can still send cards to shut-in residents or call the nursing homes and find out if there is anything specific that the residents would like to have or need.
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